Marketing Workshops

If you want to project your corporate image upon your clients, one of the best ways is to offer them an exclusive workshop. Throughout all the workshop time, the brand impact is maintained and is anchored to a fun learning experience, in a positive and motivating environment.

A workshop is the best way to learn something since the “zero” moment. By continually practising what has been explained, the learning process becomes easy, fast and not boring at all. For groups of 5 to 30 people, depending on the subject and the degree of support needed by the attendees. Method “Learning by doing”, by Robert Schank: “the only way to learn is by doing things that serve something”.

I can offer workshops on Facebook and Social Marketing, Google Marketing Tools, Email Marketing, development of Newsletters for Veterinary Clinics, and other topics related to Digital Marketing for Veterinary Clinics. Ask me if you have a special need.