“Hi, I am Enric Ferrer, veterinarian, and I am happy to say hello! From here I offer my Lectures, Articles, Training and Advice in Digital Marketing from within our profession

As a small animal Vet It has always been my pride to delight customers and their pets. Nothing compares the greeting of a patient wagging their tail or the purriMarketing Digital para Clinicas Veterinariasng while being examined. This context has always guided me to deepen my knowledge of Veterinary Science and, later on, how to improve customer service, how to improve our communication skills, and how to make them understand the importance of following our health advices.

Although I opened the Clinic in 1990, my digital story begins in 2003 while developing my first web site I started to get involved in the emerging world of Internet. Hence, my other passion was born: Management and Digital Marketing.

Thus, due to a burst of enthusiasm, I decided to go further with my studies and I achieved an MBA for Veterinarians organized by AVEPA and UAB. Shortly after, I began to collaborate giving talks to veterinarians and subsequently conferences and courses for veterinarians and vet assistants.

After finishing a Masters degree in Digital Marketing at the prestigious school of Barcelona EAE, and training in Public Speaking, I began to offer very personalized advice to veterinarians, as well as assistant´s team training in Community Management.

Since its inception, I have been a part of AGESVET, the Spanish Veterinary Clinics Manager Association. This has allowed me to have frequent contact with Practice Managers Vets throughout Spain and share concerns. Currently I am Vice-Secretary of the association.


How can I contribute to your project?

As a small animal practicing vet, my vision always starts from the inner workings of a Veterinary Centre. After more than 25 years managing a team, running a clinic and seeing patients I know and understand the concerns of customers and employees. For me marketing is a communication tool to give our customers pets a longer and healthier life following our best recommendations.

As an expert in Digital Marketing for Veterinary Clinics, I can offer lectures in English and four more languages: Spanish, Catalan, French and Portuguese. Always adapted to the Sponsor, the conference theme and the audience.

For the Spanish speaking countries, I also provide my best advice in:

Individual or team training- Workshops – Counselling